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Welcome to this site of fraternal items for both the Masons, the BPOE Elks, and other charitable non profit organizations.

My name is Tom, and I have been a businessman here in New Jersey all of my life.
You may know me as the former CEO of Institutional Fitness Products Inc., Tom Petro's Gyms Inc.   www.FITNEZZ.com
Among other things, I have also been a Hammond Organ Leslie speaker tech and dealer for over 40 years:  www.ORGANSTUFF.com
Being retired from the fitness industry, and semi retired from the music industry due to the economy, 
I found myself donating more and more of my time to two volunteer organizations,
the Free Masons and the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.  I am an avid collector of Fraternal items, memorabilia and a Historian.

I began designing lapel pins in the late 90's for myself and for my closest of friends.
I was not pleased with the quality and service I was getting from the big pin manufacturers so
I decided to strike out on my own to solve the quality issues.  It took me seven long years but I eventually was able to
partner with the right jewelry manufacturers.  These are people whom I trust and have built an outstanding business relationship.

My business history of import and export in the Fitness Industry has led me to have good connections to get things done right at reasonable costs.
There were many items I felt that were needed, so I designed them.

Rest assured the quality is good, the designs are unique, and every sale helps us to bring these items to you.

Masonically: I am currently Worshipful Master of Princeton #38 Masonic Lodge,
I am a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, Knight Templar, and Noble of the Shrine.

Elks wise: I am a NJ Elk, three time Past Exalted Ruler,  past NJ State Elks Trustee.

items need to be priced that a Brother can afford them
a portion
of EVERY sale is set aside for charity
a name that is easy to remember, hard to forget and with you for life

Entered Apprentice       Fellow Craft         Master Mason