12th Masonic District of New Jersey
345 River Road, Princeton NJ
Regular Communications are the 2nd and 4th Mondays
DARK: July and August

Princeton NJ
                Masonic Lodge 38 F&AM Officers
Thank you for taking the FIRST step toward joining the oldest Fraternal Organization known to mankind...
the Masons, also known as the Freemasons, or the Masonic Order.

This is a fun, rewarding and inspiring fellowship that will take you on a life's journey through not only our history here in the United States of America, but Worldwide! 

Masons strive to help make a good man better by helping each other and our communities, by instilling in each of us core values and principals that have survived through all ages.

How can I find out more information on the Masons and what is required to join?
OK... lets start with requirements of membership:

     1) You must be (in NJ) 18 or older to be eligible for membership, (used to be 21 as it is in other States)
     2) You must be a good man, of good moral character, honest, truthful, and have a belief in God (
a Higher Power)
               You can be any religion, or spiritual, and must believe there is a power of good that is greater than yourself.
     3)  You must
have no felony convictions and agree to submit to a criminal background check.

If you are ALL GOOD with the above, then I would suggest that you come to our Lodge around 5pm on a meeting night to meet some of our Brothers and discuss the Fraternity.   We meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each Month except July and August.

Remember 2B1ASK1  to be one ask one... pretty simple actually... we do not solicit membership or hand out applications openly.   We also do not discuss the fraternity with non Masons, unless someone asks us about it.
So stop by and visit, and ASK ASK ASK and you shall receive the information you need to begin the process of joining us.
It's really that simple.... ASK!
Your first step in joining our lodge
is to send us an email with your contact information
indicating your desire for more information on joining the Fraternity:

1) Your name, current address and telephone number
2) Do you have a family member who is a Mason? (optional)
3) Do you know anyone who is a Mason?
4) Briefly, why do you personally wish to become a Mason?
5) What if anything do you know about the organization?
6) Your current occupation? (optional)

BARRY HOLSTEN  Master 2019                                      JACK A. E. FORD Secretary                           

We trust we will hear from you soon and good luck in your journey through life!
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TOM PETRO Past Master 2017 & 2018